Work/eat/sleep and repeat. That’s what the last two weeks have felt like. It’s always like this for these darkest weeks of the year. There have been a few sunny days, or part days, but also a lot of murk. Days without form or void.

I don’t much like driving at this time of year. Dazzling headlights, spray and poor visibility make it hard work. An hour’s drive in thick fog on Monday was not fun at all.

What I have enjoyed are the calls of birds. Often I can’t see them, particularly at dawn or dusk. Fieldfares, redwings and siskins calling overhead. This morning, while walking our dog, I heard the mournful call of a bullfinch. Or now and again on brighter days a blackbird indulging in its quiet winter sub-song.

It might feel like a bit of an interminable slog at the moment but I do appreciate hearing nature still doing its thing.

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  1. @Cheri too right! Knowing the days are getting longer, even if there is no discernible difference initially, definitely gives a psychological boost. The short days don’t usually affect me, but maybe it’s the steaming pile that has been 2020, or perhaps the weather has been murkier than usual (you’d know about murky, over there in the PNW 😉).

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