Am a bit shocked to discover I have put on weight over the past year. Not that I am overweight buy any means, but given I am pretty active and have a healthy diet in terms of types of food, I have been quite clearly just eating too much. Having acquired a Garmin fitness watch a year ago and made an effort to maintain and improve my fitness it’s not so nice to see I have taken a retrograde step. I know full well that in the last couple of months or so I haven’t done so much exercise, plus I have very consciously eaten more. It’s winter. That’s my excuse.

So I have reinstated a diet tracking app that I have used previously, and am being careful to control my food consumption.

I guess I have to accept that as 50 creeps ever closer I can no longer eat what I want, when I want, in the way I have been used to being able to. Ho hum.

Stephen James

Minding the gaps

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