My current thinking on where to host my blog when the hosting comes up for renewal is to use Hugo, GitHub and Netlify.

My plan had been to host directly on the raspberry pi, and I may well eventually do that. However, I feel I should get a better handle on the security issues before doing that so in the meantime the Netlify option seems good. I have made improvements to the security of the pi anyway, but I need time to understand them better.

Having the site as a repo on the pi which I can then push to GitHub still means having the site effectively hosted locally, but I don’t then need to open up a port to the internet. This is all new to me – I kind of understand what’s going on but still have to run through the processes each time I tinker around. All good fun!

What does remain to be seen is how frictionless will posting to the blog be? There are various way I can do it so will be experimenting.

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