Harumph. My Nextcloud server has stopped working. I have had a poke around, and it looks like it may be something to do with the SSL certificate auto-renewing. I get an error message telling me one of the key files is missing. Except it is quite clearly there. This is where my lack of knowledge shows up. When something goes wrong.

I guess this is the challenge for a non-tech person trying to DIY their blog/website/internet experience. It is OK following good instructions and tutorials and picking up knowledge as you go along. But there is always a limit, and sooner or later you are going to bump up against that.

For now, I am going to use my Dropbox storage instead of Nextcloud, and see if I can diagnose the problem as and when. In the longer term, I am not sure if I would retain the Nextcloud server anyway as I would prefer to use Syncthing - it’s just that it’s not available for the iPhone so Nextcloud is a bit of a work around.

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