I’ve fallen into the trap of fiddling around with the code for my blog rather than actual blogging. Having moved from Wordpress to Hugo, as per my plan, I’ve been working on IndieWebifying the site.

The most important aspect for me was to get webmentions working. I think this is working now. It did take a some joining of the dots for a non-techy person but I got there in the end.

Note to self: I wanted to test to see if webmention.app would correctly notify me of a webmention when I published a test post linking to another post elsewhere on my site. I couldn’t get any joy with that but looking around online it seems that it doesn’t do self-referential mentions.

Among others, I found the following pages useful;
- Sending your First Webmention from Scratch • Aaron Parecki
- Adding Webmentions to My Static Hugo Site · Ana Ulin
- How I Integrated Webmentions Into My Hugo Static Site - Jayeless.net

Consider this post a line in the sand: moving back to the act of blogging rather than playing around with the blog site. Even if it is a post about playing with the site.

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