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Post Types
Within the broader social media world there are a huge variety of types of posts. These range from common articles to status updates to likes or favorites to more varied post types like photos, bookmarks, RSVPs, checkins, videos, reviews, jams, reads, audio, exercise, food, recipes, and e…

As an IndieWeb newbie I am very much still getting to grips with many aspects of applying the principles to my WordPress blog. I had been struggling with how to implement reply-contexts until I came across this article by Chris Aldrich where he explains very clearly how to use the Post Kinds plugin. I hadn’t discovered the Response Properties box available in the post editor up until this point, but now I have I can show neat looking links, excerpts and author details for anything that I am replying to or commenting on. This post being a case in point.

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  1. @strandlines Interested to see how you get on with the post kinds. I set them up in my blog a while ago but found it became a barrier to me posting once the novelty wore off. I’ve since gone back to the built in WordPress post formats.

  2. @philbowell I’m a terrible one for novelty. It remains to be seen how long I persist with Post Kinds as it does require a bit extra in terms of effort so does go against my desire for as frictionless an experience as possible.

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