Some apprehension today, as I am expecting it to be busier out and about, on the back of the government’s announcement encouraging a return to work.

I hope, I really do, that people will be considerate and make the effort to social distance themselves in busier places, with more of us around. Most people are considerate, but I’ve seen enough of the small number who aren’t to think it a legitimate concern.

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  1. @strandlines I’ve been aware recently of people becoming more and more relaxed about contact and actually deciding to flaunt any guidance. However, it doesn’t appear to stop them becoming aggrieved when they see other people exhibiting similar behaviour.

  2. @hall @vanessa I think it’s only human that lockdown fatigue will set in, but it doesn’t take much to exercise a bit of common sense. A shame that some will wilfully flout the guidelines. That’s me on my high horse, anyway! And yes, I can imagine it will get busy in south Dorset…

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