Further to my plans to fit new brakes on my bike, I ordered some that were suitable, which duly arrived a week or so ago. All good to go.

Only I had not paid attention to the existing brake levers, the ones that are quite literally in front of me when I’m riding. They are combined brake levers/gear shifters….

Why I’d not thought of that before ordering the new ones, I’m not sure. Enthusiasm getting in the way of attention to detail, I expect.

Next stop, order gear shifters. Which have arrived as well.

This last week I’ve been (carefully, taking my time, so I don’t miss any details) changing over the components. All quite straightforward in fact. Even indexing the cassette was not too tricky although I put that down to luck more than anything else.

The brakes are a vast improvement on the previous ones and gear changing is smoother, so that’s a bonus. Pretty pleased all round.

Stephen James

Minding the gaps

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