I mentioned a few days ago that I was trying out a note-taking/markdown app called Joplin. I had not heard of it before, but I had read a short review of it and thought it sounded worth a go.

So far I like it. The UI of both the iPhone and Mac apps could do with some polish but are elegant enough. Not pretty but get the job done.

What I do like is the following;
- Markdown. I use markdown for blog posting and files are saved in markdown format. Plaintext has been my preference so that files can be read by most apps, but markdown is fine. What I don’t like are proprietory file types that lock you into a particular app.
- Sync to Dropbox. Storing files on Dropbox means they can be accessed from other apps or even different operating systems, should I so wish.
- Universal. Joplin is available on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.
- Full text search. Just makes searching for anything so much easier.
- macOS split pane. Both the editor screen and markdown preview screen can be displayed side by side so it is easy to see how your text looks in markdown as you work.

As you can probably see, I don’t like to be tied into one system. If I ever move to another I want to be able to still easily access my notes. For that very reason I can see myself sticking with Joplin for the time being. Just until I get the urge to try something different…

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