My siblings and I have been using Signal for group chats of late, often about the aged parents. Over the last few days the topic of Dad’s cognitive state has been top of the list, wondering if there is confusion and such starting to show. A few days ago my brother reported a conversation that was markedly scrambled.

For the Bank Holiday weekend we had planned something relaxing. A slow Saturday, meeting up with friends tomorrow, and maybe a day of catching up on some jobs on Monday.

That all went out the window pretty early this morning. Messages came down the line; Dad ill in the night, losing consciousness, paramedics called out, ECG tests, taken to hospital, by mid-afternoon an asymptomatic heart attack diagnosed, a stent fitted and he is back on the ward.

Might explain the confusion.

One of those days that has gone by in a blur.

Grateful for the NHS. Can’t see Dad due to Coronavirus. Off to check in with Mum on Monday.

Stephen James

Minding the gaps

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