Back in April I said I’d write about my experience with CBT. And I have tried many times to do so. The Summer of Weirdness has made it very difficult to find the headspace to reflect on anything, let alone something as intense as therapy. I’ve decided it’s just too much to try and go back and unpick my thoughts in detail about it, but for what it’s worth, here’s a brief summary.

I have very mixed feelings about doing the course. Some of the theory was very helpful, some of it pushed me into territory I really wasn’t sure I was ready for. And while I can appreciate the principle of putting into practice the techniques learned, by their very nature they increase anxiety, at least in the short term. This then means having to add that extra anxiety onto that which day to day life already involves. In my head, the process created a sharp increase in anxiety with no foreseeable end to it.

If I wasn’t working, perhaps I could dedicate more time to it, but the reality is that there is little extra time in the day to fit the ‘work’ of CBT in. Excuses? Maybe. On the other hand, CBT is not for everyone.

Stephen James

Minding the gaps

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