After being silent for most of the summer, our local Tawny owls have started calling again – a sign of autumn’s incipience. Heard them last night and early this morning, a welcome part of our soundscape.

Why is it that on returning from holiday I have the strong urge to get rid of Stuff? Is it because I’ve spent time away, taking only the basics with me? And then there is the catharsis of taking a car load of Stuff to the local tip…

Welcome to my blog. I have started various blogs over the years, most of which have fizzled out for one reason or another. I like the discipline of writing – I think it is good for my brain.

Probably the main reason that I have not managed to keep blogging in the past is because most of the ones I have started are on a single topic. Because I tend to dabble in one thing, move on to something else, and then come back, I often found I lost momentum.

With this blog my aim is to cover any topic that interests me and therefore keep it up to date, I hope. We will see!