Somerset has been moved into tier 4 from today so the few tentative plans to meet with friends have been shelved.

This morning we went to Sainsbury’s to collect our groceries. It’s the first time we’ve done click & collect for the food shopping – we get our thrills where we can in our brave new Covid world. Curiously, the arrangement is to rendezvous with a Sainsbury’s delivery van in a corner of their own car park, as if some shady deal is going down. It only takes a few minutes which is a lot better than spending an hour going round the store.

It was very foggy first thing with hoar frost everywhere. We took the opportunity on the way back to have a walk in some woodland near home. The fog has slowly cleared to bright sunshine which is a more uplifting way to end the year.

Here’s hoping that this time next year, we will all be in a much better place.

On Sunday I set up a self-hosted Nextcloud server on the Raspberry Pi, using a spare USB flash drive for storage. This tutorial made it a relatively easy process to do, for a non-tech person, although I did make an error along the way that required going through and checking everything a couple of times.

I can now access the files stored on the server from my home network. Next stop, set up remote access.

At this stage it’s a case of see how it works out. The exercise is all an experiment at the moment anyway, to see what’s possible. I may try setting up a P2P system to see if that works better for me.