Further to my plans to fit new brakes on my bike, I ordered some that were suitable, which duly arrived a week or so ago. All good to go.

Only I had not paid attention to the existing brake levers, the ones that are quite literally in front of me when I’m riding. They are combined brake levers/gear shifters….

Why I’d not thought of that before ordering the new ones, I’m not sure. Enthusiasm getting in the way of attention to detail, I expect.

Next stop, order gear shifters. Which have arrived as well.

This last week I’ve been (carefully, taking my time, so I don’t miss any details) changing over the components. All quite straightforward in fact. Even indexing the cassette was not too tricky although I put that down to luck more than anything else.

The brakes are a vast improvement on the previous ones and gear changing is smoother, so that’s a bonus. Pretty pleased all round.

I have been messing around with OmniFocus. Again.

I tried it maybe a couple of years ago, but couldn’t quite justify committing to it. I think I might be heading the same way again.

I love the perspectives. And the organisation of projects.

But the lack of quick entry of tasks, a la Fantastical or Todoist is probably a deal breaker. And then I discovered that deferred tasks no longer show up in the Forecast view if the start date passes. Hmmmm.

I have the sneaking suspicion that I would end up doing a lot of tinkering, which is good fun and all, but maybe not the point.

Oh, and I like to have tasks become due on a day without having a notification for a specific hour. I like to be able to look at what needs to be done on the day and get on with it without necessarily scheduling in every task.

So that’s talked myself out of it again then, I guess?


I’ve just come out of a particularly long rabbit hole. Have spent the last 10 days or so obsessively learning more about automation and scripting in the context of task managers, URL schemes, Drafts and Shortcuts.

One of those occasions where the enjoyment of discovery meant other things didn’t get my attention, like reading and blogging.

I think my efforts have paid off. I have to get on now and use what I’ve learnt and not just continue trying out more ideas.

Oh, but the tinkering…

The other day, our old boy bumped into a lamp post. His vision is not so good now, as he has cataracts. Along with prodigious eyebrows, as is befitting a dog of his breed and age.

I have a theory that the cataracts diffuse direct sunlight, such that it blurs his vision beyond that which the cataracts do. I once mentioned this to a human who had cataracts (but not prodigious eyebrows) and she bore out my theory.

It’s hard watching his world shrink, but he is still happy, playful, and enjoying life.