Started to feel a bit unwell yesterday. Had a high temperature this morning so after checking the NHS website realised I had to go and get a Covid test. Our nearest site was just 40 mins away and meant a very pleasant drive in the autumn sunshine. Had to do the test myself which wasn’t awful, but not very nice either. Just got to self-isolate now, at least until we get the result back.

Linking notes in an organised fashion along the lines of a zettelkasten is an idea that appeals, as I make notes and save things to read later all the time. I could do this in Drafts but like Bear notes, another option, the notes are saved in iCloud, and I don’t think they are in plaintext or other easy to migrate format. I think it was via Neil Mather that I came across TiddlyWiki. I’m starting to play around with making my own – the beauty of it is it’s all done in HTML, can be saved in Dropbox and is editable from all platforms. My kind of thing.

If I’m honest, I have to admit that part of the reason I will listen to so many podcasts is so I don’t have to listen to the stream of negative horseshit that my mind seems to produce if left to its own devices. Something to work on there, methinks.


In the last two days I’ve seen and/or heard kingfishers in two different locations. They do seem to get very vocal at this time of year. Not sure why. Such an amazing bird.