One of the reasons I switched to a WordPress site for my blog was to use the IndieWeb plugin, in particular to enable webmentions. It takes a little more work to implement than a straightforward post but I like being able to do so. The ethos of the IndieWeb has a lot of appeal. Only thing is, I haven’t used them as much as I could.

I have saved links to numerous posts I that I’ve come across on other people’s blogs, with the intention of referencing them in my own posts via webmentions. I just need to take a bit more time, a little more effort and I’m sure I will appreciate the satisfaction of doing so.

Consider this a note to self.

In the first four days of October we have had two–three times the rainfall that we had throughout the whole of September.

Over the past week we have had the first frost, first evening with the wood burner lit, and the first mornings with the heating on. A small flock of mistle thrushes was in the chestnut tree in the church yard next door – we occasionally see a pair around here, but to see a flock can only mean they are winter migrants from the continent.

This morning, while walking the dog in the rain, I watched a handful of swallows flying at ground level in a neighbouring field, weaving in and out of a flock of sheep. So still a few remnants around.

Firsts and lasts.

Started to feel a bit unwell yesterday. Had a high temperature this morning so after checking the NHS website realised I had to go and get a Covid test. Our nearest site was just 40 mins away and meant a very pleasant drive in the autumn sunshine. Had to do the test myself which wasn’t awful, but not very nice either. Just got to self-isolate now, at least until we get the result back.