The birds are getting very busy in our garden. All three nest boxes have had attention of some sort.

A pair of robins are nesting in one while a pair of blue tits seem very interested in another, spending a lot of time checking it out. The final box has been visited by great tits although I’m not confident yet that they will use it.

And the song thrush still sings on every morning.

A few weeks back I mentioned seeing what I thought was a Barn owl . Since then, I am really pleased to have heard from two other people who have seen it, including being spotted hunting in a field not far from us. This is exactly what I have been hoping for – that it was finding prey in some of the rough grazing pasture around us.

As the evenings lengthen I hope to be able to get out around dusk and watch for it. Such a beautiful bird.

🏏A real shame to see England knocked out of the Women’s T20 World Cup in this way. But them’s the rules.

However, now that Australia have beaten South Africa, I shall look forward to the Australia vs India final. And Poonam Yadav doing her thing.

Woke in the night to the sound of wind lashing rain against the window – I don’t think I have ever heard it quite so loud before. Got up this morning to find the rain has moved through and the gales have subsided. Quite the contrast.

I have been trying to bring some sort of meditation/mindfulness practice into my daily routine, but lately I have let it slip. Work, CBT and some minor medical issues have been tiring. As a result, I have not been taking the time to relax and be mindful in the way that I should. All very counter-intuitive. So to sit here this morning and be aware of how still it was outside, hear the continued singing of the song thrush and be present in the moment was a good way to renew my practice.

Having moved my blog to WordPress, the first task was to choose an IndieWeb-friendly theme. Over at there is advice aplenty on what themes work well – I won’t pretend to understand it all yet. I have used Autonomie by Matthias Pfefferle. I like it’s minimalist look – no doubt some tinkering will occur.

The second task was to find a way to easily post to the blog without involving the ghastly WordPress app. To this end I dug into Drafts 5, which I haven’t used in an age. Initially I edited the Post to WordPress template that is available to download from the Action Directory. This was easy to set up but I quickly spotted a problem. For some reason that is beyond me, when I posted to WordPress using this action comments would be closed, overriding the default that I have set. I tried to rectify this but no joy.

Another option is to email a post to WordPress via Jetpack. I set up an Action in drafts which emails my text. Relevant tags are typed in the first line. The second line is a duplicate of the first few words of the blog post minus any markdown formatting – the reason for this will become obvious. The rest is the body of the post. Using this method seems not to interfere with the ‘comments on’ setting.

One slight hitch I discovered when emailing a post was that WordPress automatically created a post title – not something I use as a rule – using the current date. This is where that second duplicate line comes in. By inserting a title shortcode in the Drafts action which calls this line, WordPress uses this as a title instead of the date. While I don’t generally display the titles on the blog it should look better in RSS feeds than a date would. Probably not the most elegant solution but this does all mean I can type a post with tags and send it to WordPress in one click. And I’m all for fewer clicks.