So far the Coronavirus has had little impact...

So far the Coronavirus has had little impact on us here in the south west of the UK. Schools are still open for the time being and we are largely able to work without making too many adjustments (so far).

What has become apparent just today is the effect of panic buying. We get our groceries delivered and on the back of a chance remark from someone we checked on the availability of delivery slots. None available for the next three weeks!

Fortunately, our veg box supplier is prioritising regular customers so we will still get those delivered.

It could be said that this is a first world problem, and is one that I am sure we can get around. But it did make us think about those in our village for whom self-isolating may become necessary so we will look into what those of us who will remain out and about can do in terms of making sure people don’t run short on essentials.

The worldwide run on toilet paper and pasta would be more laughable if it weren’t symptomatic of unnecessary and selfish behaviour. For those older people who will have to be confined to their homes, a shortage of basic household supplies can be a source of distress. Meanwhile, I think our diet is going to consist of a lot more broccoli than usual.

Stephen James

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