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Getting a puppy last summer inevitably meant that other things that regularly took up my time would be put aside, temporarily at least. Now she is nearly a year old looking after her is a bit less of a regime.

Recently, I’ve been aware that anxiety has been ramping up to a more intrusive level. My family have noticed as well, commenting on an increase in irritability. I haven’t been sleeping so well either, and this is probably caused by the anxiety and of course doesn’t help with the very same anxiety.

The two above factors have prompted me to start doing regular fitness activities again. Having the puppy really meant there was no time to fit any regular exercise in besides what I did with her. But, my habit had fallen off the radar long before that. I can’t even recall when that happened actually. Probably a gradual erosion or setting it aside because of competing pressures and, ironically, anxieties.

I’m starting small. Just a short run and a short bike ride per week. Nothing that will loom too large in my mind. I’m so prone to leaping in with both feet, excited by the novelty and buzz of learning something new, only to find my enthusiasm drained by anxiety and thwarted perfectionism.