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I think that the [problems with my blog and Netlify](https://strandlines.blog/2021/07/18/effort_vs_frustration/) are reaching critical mass. I’m finding that I am put off from posting because of the hassle to then get it to show on the blog.I’ve decided that the first thing to tackle is a rebuild of the Raspberry Pi. The version of Hugo I have on there is not the newest – I inadvertently downloaded the wrong one and haven’t got around to a delete and reinstall.There are also various things on there that I’m not using so another argument for a rebuild. First task is to [backup the whole SD image.](https://magpi.raspberrypi.org/articles/back-up-raspberry-pi)

Still trying to get my head around how Hugo implements RSS. I thought I was there but then realised that my feed is only showing summaries of posts and not the full content. I know I edited the rss.xml file so that full content would be shown, but given the above, have to conclude that it was the wrong file. However, since then I read that it could be due to using a older version of Hugo, which is something I know I need to address. When I installed Hugo, against my better judgment I did so via a Linux package manager, which is a source usually several versions behind.Given I also want to ditch the Nextcloud server, it’s probably time to do a clean reinstall of the Raspberry Pi OS. Not a daunting task, but does require that I first check that everything that needs to be is backed up. Probably a job for the weekend.