Ran a new route this morning. I needed to increase my distance so worked out new a 4k circuit that took me on some new footpaths. Nice sunny morning – windy but much warmer. Saw my first swallow of the year to boot, plus a peregrine. Contentment inducing.

Woke in the night to the sound of wind lashing rain against the window – I don’t think I have ever heard it quite so loud before. Got up this morning to find the rain has moved through and the gales have subsided. Quite the contrast.

I have been trying to bring some sort of meditation/mindfulness practice into my daily routine, but lately I have let it slip. Work, CBT and some minor medical issues have been tiring. As a result, I have not been taking the time to relax and be mindful in the way that I should. All very counter-intuitive. So to sit here this morning and be aware of how still it was outside, hear the continued singing of the song thrush and be present in the moment was a good way to renew my practice.

Plan A was to go and do a bird survey this morning. Storm Ciara has rather put paid to that. Not that I am averse to being out in inclement weather but there are limits. Plus the practicalities of trying to see and count birds in rain and gales…

So to Plan B. Stay indoors, enjoy a roast with my family for lunch and recharge from a demanding week.