May 24, 2021

Last week, a woodpecker attacked the nest box in which the great tits were nesting. It pecked two large holes but seems to have not touched the eggs. Still, the great tit pair have abandoned it. Nature does seem harsh at times. On Friday my wife spotted the woodpecker having a crack at the blue tit box. I left work a little early so I could come home and add fortifications. Read more

May 12, 2021

Managed a look into the blue tits nest box today, having spotted the parents leaving (do they qualify as parents before the chicks hatch?) This is a good sized clutch of eggs - it amazes me that such a small bird can produce so many. More data for the Nest Record Scheme. An article on the BTO website explains that: An average clutch of Blue Tit eggs contains roughly 0. Read more

May 11, 2021

I spotted our resident Great tits were away from the nest box so popped the inspection camera in for a peek. They have been busy!

May 3, 2021

Two weeks ago I checked our various nest boxes and the one usually occupied by great tits was completely empty. I assumed that they weren’t going to use it this year but in the last week we have noticed the male singing away nearby and one or the other of the pair leaving the box a few times. A quick check with my inspection camera on Sunday revealed a completed nest and at least one egg. Read more

April 26, 2021

My wife and I had the day off so we walked around Westhay Nature Reserve. So many warblers and so much sound! Numerous sightings, the most notable of which were the first hobby, common whitethroat and swifts of the year, plus house martins and a redpoll. Heard about 3 cuckoos. And good to see several pairs of great crested grebes and their nests. With all the busyness of late, it was good to have a chance to catch up and talk over a few things. Read more

April 4, 2021

Sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine a short while ago we heard the chatter of a swallow and there it was, one of ours, on its favourite spot on the telephone wires.

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