18 September 2021

More owl action last night. The barn owl appeared around the same time, same place, and we all got a good view of it.

Then during the night there were hoots and calls from tawny and little owls.

16 September 2021

Absolutely delighted to see a barn owl hunting in the field across the road from our house. With the landowner allowing the pasture to remain as rough grazing, it has become a better habitat for voles, and the owl’s presence confirms that.

Watching one fly at dusk, they always look so ghostly, and bigger than they really are. It dropped several times into the grass and used a couple of fence posts to perch on. That’s made my day.

12 September 2021

A walk in Middleton Down nature reserve today. Perfect weather. Red kites, ravens, wheatears and yellow hammers. Still plenty of wild flowers. Middleton Down

29 August 2021

I think that the problems with my blog and Netlify are reaching critical mass. I’m finding that I am put off from posting because of the hassle to then get it to show on the blog.

I’ve decided that the first thing to tackle is a rebuild of the Raspberry Pi. The version of Hugo I have on there is not the newest - I inadvertently downloaded the wrong one and haven’t got around to a delete and reinstall.

There are also various things on there that I’m not using so another argument for a rebuild. First task is to backup the whole SD image.

29 August 2021

Recently discovered a local nature reserve while exploring our area on bike. Can’t quite believe I’ve lived here for 14 years and didn’t know about this one. Alright, it’s just a small area and not well known, so I can let myself off the hook.

Took my son and dog for a walk there this morning. Good bit of mixed woodland with some fine looking sweet chestnut trees.

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