For the time being, I am going to use Obsidian for keeping notes about the photography. I like the cleaner look of it over TiddlyWiki. And running it via Linux on my Chromebook is a bit easier than using Tiddly Desktop. I have had some minor syncing issues but I don’t think that’s a significant problem, I think I’ve ironed those out.

The major issue for me will be NOT to get sidetracked into fiddling with the information system instead of dealing with the information itself.

If I’m going to progress and learn with my film photography it’s pretty obvious I need to keep good records. I am prone to getting carried away with the novelty of something only to discover, what with my memory being like a sieve, that I have trouble recalling the whens and hows of it all.

The nature of what I’m doing means there is no Exif data to hold records of individual shots. I make a note at the time through Google forms which goes into a spreadsheet.

For film processing (more on that another time) I need to keep notes so that I can repeat what I’ve done. Or tweak it or whatever. And I need to keep notes and reflections on what I’m doing so that I can learn. To these ends I have been keeping records in a Tiddlywiki.

I’ve used Tiddlywiki before and while it works well, I’ve been reluctant to use it more because notes are ‘locked’ inside the html file. I have an aversion to any system where the basic building blocks are locked behind a proprietary system or similar. This is why I have been using Obsidian for my notes and journaling, because everything is saved in text files.

Having said that, I presume you’d need Obsidian in order to make sense of the connections between notes even if they are readable as individual text files. That’s a question I need to answer. On the other hand, the benefit of the Tiddlywiki system is that it can be accessed from a browser. Which makes it pretty universal.

So I’m not sure…..

During my lifetime we have gone from reliably getting snow most winters to, around 1990, the occurrence dropping off very noticeably.

I ought to start recording when we get disrupted in our area by wet weather and flooding. Monday was pretty disruptive and tomorrow looks to be so again. It would be interesting to see if it increases in frequency over the years.

With significant flooding already on the Somerset Levels another load of rain tomorrow will no doubt make things worse.

Waiting outside last night for our dog to perform her final duties for the day, my torch beam caught a movement overhead. A barn owl flying slowly over the garden. Beautiful.

Our trusty bread maker died this week. I’m not sure how long we’ve had it for, but I’m sure it’s the best part of a decade. And at 2-3 loaves a week that’s a lot of bread. Plus bun loaf and pizza dough.

I tested positive for COVID today. Not surprised, given it arrived in our family a week ago. Fortunately it’s no worse than a cold at the moment, so I hope it stays that way.

Earlier this year I mentioned sorting through photos and that it got me thinking about film photography. Having been enchanted by the magic of film from a young age it’s always been something that I’d like to return to one day.

I’d always thought if I used film again that I’d buy a vintage large format camera. I think this was partly because I’d bought a DSLR at the point where digital was pulling ahead from film in terms of resolution and I was mentally stuck on the idea that film was going to have to be able to compete with digital (no doubt digital large format is way beyond film by now).

Anyway, the other sort of camera I’ve fancied using is a rangefinder. And so my thinking got around to vintage film rangefinders. And I found there’s a whole bunch available to buy. At a very good price too.

I’ve ended up with a Canon Canonet QL19 GIII. It’s just a little older than I am. Built like a tank. Very simple to use. All manual. And I’m not bothering with a battery for the light meter as this requires a bit of a fiddle to adapt it for modern batteries, by all accounts. I have an incident light meter anyway, so I can just take a reading as I go.

The main idea is to have fun. Rediscover my love for photography. The physical nature of film and it’s capacity to capture an image has something special about it that, for me, digital lacks.

The temperature has finally dropped to something that is more typical of mid-October. And so we had our first fire of the autumn this evening.

I was thinking this morning that I’d rather expected to have seen Redwings by now, and was going to post to that effect. Only when I took the dog out for her morning exercise flock after flock flew over, traveling east to west. So instead, I’m posting this

Is this weekend the last vestige of summer? Amazing weather.

Had our winter’s supply of logs delivered this week. Enjoying barrowing and stacking them. Always feels good when they are stacked up in the shed, ready to be used.