7 December 2021

Finally managed to book my booster jab at a time that works for me. I’ve ended up checking several times a day as there are so few slots available and they get snapped up within minutes. So far they’ve all been at times that I can’t do either.

I checked again just now and there is suddenly loads of availability so I’ve got one booked for an evening next week.

18 November 2021

‘Help! I’m stuck on a llama. And it’s immortal!’

Overhearing in-game multiplayer chat has become the norm in our house over the last year. This has got to be the best heard so far.

16 November 2021

I’ve just ordered a new bike light so that I can go for a blast around the lanes after dark. As per usual, I got bogged down with the sheer number of options available, but quickly narrowed it down once I realised that both Moon and Knog include models in their respective ranges with replaceable batteries. In the interest of both the environment and my pocket, this makes sense.

I’ve gone for a Moon Meteor Storm Lite (surely coming up with a snappier name wouldn’t have taken that much more effort?). Should be plenty of light for night riding, plus a decent day flash option.

15 November 2021

Now here’s a weird thing. I’ve grumbled previously about the problems I’ve been having with Netlify deploying my site correctly. However, since switching to an Android phone, each post I’ve published has been deployed immediately, first time.

How does that work? Once formatted the markdown files are saved to Dropbox and thereafter the workflow is the same, regardless of whether I wrote it on iOS or Android.

I’m sure someone with far greater expertise would know why. For me, it’s some kind of dark magic.

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