21 April 2021

Very early to bed last night so only saw the verdict this morning. Guilty on all counts. I really wasn’t confident of which way it would go. I am relieved that it is this way. Even if it is too much of a stretch to say this is the beginning of a change, I hope that it is the beginning of the beginning.

17 April 2021

I’ve learnt that the underlying principles of CBT come from Stoicism. I can’t recall where I read that now, but I’ve spent the last few days down the Stoic rabbit hole. I’ve binge-listened to a number of podcasts on the topic. I’ve made a list of books both contemporary and classical to read. To start me off I’ve bought Donald J Robertson’s Stoicism and the Art of Happiness. It’s at the self-help end of the spectrum but because the author is a psychotherapist it goes into how CBT and Stoicism relate to each other.

Although I don’t think CBT and I got along too well when I had my course of therapy last year, the applied rationality appealed to me. In addition, I’ve been dipping my toes into the world of philosophy. So to discover that the two areas of thinking intersect has really piqued my interest.

15 April 2021

I’ve made a rudimentary archive page for the blog. Largely for my own benefit as I had no way to search through posts quickly. When I get a moment I will create a link for the home page and spend some time tidying it up, adding pagination etc.

11 April 2021

Met up for a picnic and walk with friends yesterday. A somewhat chilly picnic but it warmed up as the afternoon went on. Just a relief to be able to get out and meet up. Quite busy, everyone enjoying their freedom but it was interesting how people were considerate, made an effort to maintain social distancing and most noticeably, seemed rather quiet and tired. Like we have all come out of our burrows, bleary-eyed and blinking in the sunshine.

7 April 2021

Still trying to get my head around how Hugo implements RSS. I thought I was there but then realised that my feed is only showing summaries of posts and not the full content. I know I edited the rss.xml file so that full content would be shown, but given the above, have to conclude that it was the wrong file.

However, since then I read that it could be due to using a older version of Hugo, which is something I know I need to address. When I installed Hugo, against my better judgment I did so via a Linux package manager, which is a source usually several versions behind.

Given I also want to ditch the Nextcloud server, it’s probably time to do a clean reinstall of the Raspberry Pi OS. Not a daunting task, but does require that I first check that everything that needs to be is backed up.

Probably a job for the weekend.

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