24 January 2022

The sun rose just prior to 8am this morning, the first time since before the winter solstice.

23 January 2022

The more I learn about Stoicism the more I get the sense that a lot of it is about bringing objectivity to bear on how we look at the world and ourselves.

And the more I realise how much people(ie me) allow the stories we tell ourselves to cloud our view.

19 January 2022

I am running into more people I know that have either had Covid or had to isolate over the last month, than at any other time during the pandemic.

Various appointments or meet ups cancelled and several of my son’s classmates have had to take time off.

It feels like there is an inevitability to catching it sooner or later. Not fatalism, but rather mental preparation for being stuck at home when I’d rather not.

17 January 2022

I followed the Ashes to a degree. The time difference plus the car-crash of a performance from England blunted my enthusiasm. If there was one positive to choose from, and there weren’t many, I’d say it was Mark Wood’s bowling. He just kept on running in. Whatever else was going on. So I’m glad he finally got his haul of wickets. He deserved it.

I just long for a properly contested Test. That actually runs into the fifth day. I shall dream…

9 January 2022

Whether it’s books, TV series, blogging, or whatever, I am having to accept that my interest in something cycles. I always tell myself that consistency is what I ‘should’ aim for. But the reality is that I dive into something with enthusiasm for a time and then all motivation drains away.

Take, for example Robert Wright’s Why Buddhism is True. Started it months ago. Completely fascinated by what he has to say. Got half way through. Haven’t touched it now for maybe six weeks. I can’t muster the effort at the moment. But why was it so easy to start with?

I know I will return to it in due course. I’d like to learn to tell myself that’s just fine.

Stephen James

Minding the gaps

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