3 October 2021

I do seem to be developing a meditation habit - I think natural curiosity is giving me persistence. And while I can’t as yet point to any specific benefits, I miss it if a don’t do any for a couple of days.

27 September 2021

One coffee or two in the morning? Not about need - I just like coffee.

And I only have just enough time for two, so I usually finish the second on my commute. I reckon if I limit myself to just the one, I would savour it more. Knowing I have a second one coming straight after the first somehow nullifies the enjoyment of the first. And the second one is never as enjoyable as the first. Hedonic adaptation perhaps, albeit a heavyweight term for drinking two beverages.

Overthinking it? Maybe.

But nothing wrong with fine-tuning habits.

26 September 2021

I am aware that the frequency of my posts has dropped off. As opposed to when I wrote about a similar thing back in May, this has not been about a lack of confidence or arguments in my head about authenticity. Rather, this is about having too much to write about.

I have been enjoying myself delving deeper into Stoicism, Buddhism and various related topics. The only thing is, and this is perhaps one of the strengths/weaknesses of the internet, it’s very easy to leap from idea to concept to idea and so on. Reading about one aspect usually throws up questions that require further research and as it is so easy to then look into those, I just follow my nose.

I have been journaling alongside the research, which is a habit I have wanted to develop. But when it has come to writing for the blog I haven’t found that so easy. Probably because ideas have merged into each other and I haven’t taken the time to tease them out into post sized chunks. Additionally, I’ve not been updating my Tiddlywiki for the same reason, the purpose of which was to be a note-taking and organising tool.

This is all to say that I should start posting more about these topics and taking notes. Although ‘shoulds’ are real inspiration killers - as soon as one appears my brain just digs it’s heels in. So I’ve made a real effort not to put myself under any pressure. Which means, of course, that subconsciously, I have.

Eventually, the natural ebb and flow of motivation will mean a more frequent posting phase will come around again.

18 September 2021

More owl action last night. The barn owl appeared around the same time, same place, and we all got a good view of it.

Then during the night there were hoots and calls from tawny and little owls.

16 September 2021

Absolutely delighted to see a barn owl hunting in the field across the road from our house. With the landowner allowing the pasture to remain as rough grazing, it has become a better habitat for voles, and the owl’s presence confirms that.

Watching one fly at dusk, they always look so ghostly, and bigger than they really are. It dropped several times into the grass and used a couple of fence posts to perch on. That’s made my day.

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