Four nights camping in west Wales. The first proper break away from home in two years courtesy of The Pandemic. And the first chance to properly test the deluxe shower system.We’d bought this [12v portable shower]( for a camping trip in 2019 that got cancelled. So it got its first testing in ‘the field’ this week. Combined with plenty of water heated on the wood burner and a pop-up shower tent, it worked a treat. With the solar panel and battery to run a chiller and lighting as well, this means we are fully independent and can camp in comfort on very basic sites. I had been looking forward to having a chance to think, read and write on our break. My brain has slowly come to a halt over the last few weeks. Blogging has all but dried up. In the end, I did very little of any of those. I just needed to stop. I read a little. I did the odd crossword. Stared into space. Enjoyed the scenery and *change* of scene. I feel much better for it.

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