I’m trying out iA Writer on my Android phone. I had it on iOS way back, not long after it came out, if I recall correctly. The only reason I didn’t use it more was because the file handling didn’t work for me. And once I got in to using Drafts, where I could set up a workflow just how I liked it, there was no going back.

It’s perfectly fine to write with, however, it is doing something weird when I save. In order to run my Python script that saves a post with all the correct formatting, I start with a basic template file. I overwrite any text within that file, normally the previous post. But when I open the file there are a few lines from the previous version still there, at the bottom. Go figure.

I think I will try tweaking the Python script to clear all text from the template file once it has been copied to the formatted .md file 1. See if that does the trick.

  1. Just three lines of code needed using .truncate(0) to remove all text from the file. [return]

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