Having found a way to [journal that works for me](https://strandlines.blog/2022/02/01/ideas_sandbox/) is good. Now, my aim is find a way to blog in the manner that I want. I’ve dispensed with the idea of posting about my mental health in the way that I thought I wanted to. I didn’t feel comfortable with that and so ended up rarely posting *anything* relating to anxiety and depression. That is where my journal comes in. Too much time spent trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Along with the things that I currently post, I would like to post about mental health things that I *do* feel comfortable with and longer pieces on whatever particular issues have got me thinking.

And there are lots of things I do think about. It’s just a case of capturing those thoughts, allowing them to distil into something coherent and writing about them while I have the motivation and focus.

Brain > journal > blog. Something like that.

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