Our swallows have often arrived by now, but not this year. I would think the wintery weather is giving them cause to stay put, wherever they currently are. This is born out by reports I’ve read from [Portland Bird Observatory](https://www.portlandbirdobs.com/2022/04/1st-april.html?m=1).

Meanwhile, our current residents are still busy. The blue tits are still around although it’s too early for them to lay yet. I think the blackbirds have abandoned the nest they built in the garden, and their activity seems to centre on some bushes just beyond the end of the garden.

The robins are now sitting on the nest, or at least, the female is. I inadvertently disturbed her this morning while getting something out of our shed. Fortunately she returned shortly afterwards so she should be ok.

No sign of any great tits yet, other than a male singing nearby. I’ll be interested to see if they use the new box this year, although they are often very stealthy about building, and it is not until eggs are on the nest that we really notice any activity.

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