Having a holiday is great. Immediately launching back into everyday hustle and bustle, without taking proper care to manage sleep needs, overwhelm and anxiety is not so great. As [I learnt to my detriment](https://strandlines.blog/2022/05/22/overload/).

Trouble is, I am prone to think that when I’m rested and energised, I can then put my foot to the floor and achieve all sorts of shit. Which may well be the case – for a short while.

Part of the problem is that anxiety sticks it’s oar in. It has a way of telling you to keep going, just keep doing SOMETHING. What exactly, is not so relevant, just anything that gives you the feeling that you are working to resolve those perpetually cascading problems that anxiety generates.

The problem solving capabilities of the human brain are an evolutionary success. But with unhealthy levels of anxiety tossed into the mix it becomes a pretty toxic recipe. An endless cycle of ‘what ifs’, then coming up with a solution, only to have another ‘but, what if …?’ pop up for our attention.

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