Checking in with the blog after 3 weeks (is it?) of puppy….mayhem….wrangling…settling in.

Not blogging has been a good plan as it’s been pretty hectic. An incremental adjustment to a new normal.

And she is a star.

Come Friday she can go out and about on the ground, as the vaccines will be in play. Adventures await!

In between all the puppiness small achievements have been achieved.

Finally got around to setting up Google pay on my phone. Thought it time I caught up with technology. And not having to always remember my wallet means forgetting my wallet will be less of a problem.

Bird observations have been fewer and further between. All that looking down to see if our puppy has done her business instead of looking at the sky. Still, I did spot, or rather heard a flock of swift’s a couple of nights ago flying high and heading south. Maybe 50 or so. I wonder if they were leaving?

And so the summer rolls on. A very dry one at that. And looks to continue in the same vein for a while to come.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting a bit more frequently again.

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