Looking back at my use of Obsidian over the last 6 weeks or so, I am surprised, in a good way, at just how much I’ve been using it. I have had a lot of thoughts regarding my current pet subject and have been able to note them down very easily and promptly by using Obsidian.

I will often go through a period of intense research and thinking around a topic that currently has my attention, and this is just such one instance. I can’t sustain the process indefinitely so it will inevitably run out of steam at some point. When that does finally happen, it’s reassuring to know I will have something to show for it.

In the past I’ve often been frustrated not to have collected all those ideas for going through later. On this occasion, and I say it cautiously as there have been many false starts, I may have landed on a system that will quickly become my go to thought bucket. I just hope the novelty of using a it won’t wear off, as has happened frequently in the past. Dare I say it, because Obsidian is easy to use out of the box and so lacks the novelty to the same degree that some systems have that I’ve tried, maybe that won’t be an issue.

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