Whenever anxiety gets the better of me the urge to do something, usually physical, is very strong. Often that can result in a flurry of frantic activity, poor decision making and irritability with those around me. All of which, surprise surprise, only feeds the fire.

Running is proving to be a good alternative outlet for that energy. I’ve always known that some sort of physical exertion has helped but allowing a run, or even a walk, to be a conduit for dispelling anxiety is really helping.

This last week or so has been a good example. I mentioned two curved balls a few days ago; a valuable if frustrating contract for the business is unexpectedly coming to an end, and I learnt that my mum is more unwell than we previously understood.

Being able to go for a run or a long walk has proven to be a really good way of burning off all the nervous energy that’s been kicking around.

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