If I’m going to progress and learn with my film photography it’s pretty obvious I need to keep good records. I am prone to getting carried away with the novelty of something only to discover, what with my memory being like a sieve, that I have trouble recalling the whens and hows of it all.

The nature of what I’m doing means there is no Exif data to hold records of individual shots. I make a note at the time through Google forms which goes into a spreadsheet.

For film processing (more on that another time) I need to keep notes so that I can repeat what I’ve done. Or tweak it or whatever. And I need to keep notes and reflections on what I’m doing so that I can learn. To these ends I have been keeping records in a Tiddlywiki.

I’ve used Tiddlywiki before and while it works well, I’ve been reluctant to use it more because notes are ‘locked’ inside the html file. I have an aversion to any system where the basic building blocks are locked behind a proprietary system or similar. This is why I have been using Obsidian for my notes and journaling, because everything is saved in text files.

Having said that, I presume you’d need Obsidian in order to make sense of the connections between notes even if they are readable as individual text files. That’s a question I need to answer. On the other hand, the benefit of the Tiddlywiki system is that it can be accessed from a browser. Which makes it pretty universal.

So I’m not sure…..

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