12 September 2021

A walk in Middleton Down nature reserve today. Perfect weather. Red kites, ravens, wheatears and yellow hammers. Still plenty of wild flowers. Middleton Down

29 August 2021

I think that the problems with my blog and Netlify are reaching critical mass. I’m finding that I am put off from posting because of the hassle to then get it to show on the blog.

I’ve decided that the first thing to tackle is a rebuild of the Raspberry Pi. The version of Hugo I have on there is not the newest - I inadvertently downloaded the wrong one and haven’t got around to a delete and reinstall.

There are also various things on there that I’m not using so another argument for a rebuild. First task is to backup the whole SD image.

29 August 2021

Recently discovered a local nature reserve while exploring our area on bike. Can’t quite believe I’ve lived here for 14 years and didn’t know about this one. Alright, it’s just a small area and not well known, so I can let myself off the hook.

Took my son and dog for a walk there this morning. Good bit of mixed woodland with some fine looking sweet chestnut trees.

28 August 2021

 Sitting out in the garden, I looked up. Above the gap between our trees a sparrow hawk appeared, at the same time as a buzzard, flying much higher.

Sparrow hawk - the speck in the upper right. Buzzard - speck in the lower left.

14 August 2021

I’ve been trying to implement some sort of mindfulness/Stoic contemplation practice in the mornings. The results have been mixed as my mind tends to be all over the place at that time of day.

It can be a productive time for me as it is often then that I have ideas. But it is also a time when my mind is running over all the things that I need to do. Not a quiet time, mentally.

This morning I tried something different. Before doing any contemplation I used the dictation feature on my phone to do a mind dump. Just free-wheeling through anything that was bouncing around in my head. Easier than writing as I often have trouble keeping up with the mental flitting.

I think it actually helped.

Stephen James

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