14 March 2022

Spotted a blackbird ducking into a shrub in the garden, with a beakful of nesting material. A quick peek later, and I could see a partially built nest. That’s the third one I know about in the garden.

10 March 2022

I spotted a robin with nesting material in our shed this morning. I later saw it leaving the nest box we have in there, so I’m pleased to see they are using it. A pair of blue tits checked out another nest box a few weeks ago but it’s a little early for them to start to build yet.

And I’ve yet to see any great tits visit the box they usually use, but that doesn’t mean a thing as we’ve learnt that they can manage to build a nest without us having any idea until they’ve got eggs in there.

1 March 2022

The BBC having been promoting changes that come into effect this month on how their podcasts can be accessed.

We are told that we can hear podcasts ‘28 days before anyone else, for free, on BBC Sounds.’

This seems to be a completely back-to-front way of saying we will no longer be able to get BBC podcasts on our app of choice when they are published. And not sure what this achieves either.

27 February 2022

A question: When writing and later, printing, allowed reading to supersede oral traditions, did people question whether reading was a legitimate way to consume information and stories?

I find myself asking the same sort of question about audiobooks. Does listening to an audiobook count as having read it? There is always a little voice in the back of my mind that asks the question.

In reality, I think it does, particularly given that oral traditions predate reading. And given that I have recently reinstated my membership of our county library, I now have free access to a vast array of audiobooks.

I will record them as having been read, along with printed books and I won’t note which format they were. And that is the end of the matter.

24 February 2022

We said goodbye to our old boy yesterday.

So long, my friend, it’s been a good one.

Stephen James

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